Episode 28

Published on:

4th Oct 2021

Episode #28: Bart the Bear

The story of Bart the Bear and his stardom!

We will continue with this rescue until next week! Last week for this rescue! Donations for August and September will be going to Luveable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon. This is the rescue who saved Pablo and Picasso! This rescue saves special needs and pregnant animals, among others, from kill shelters. 2020 was a rough year for them, so if you can, please donate.


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Enjoy your week!

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Wags & Whiskers
Hey there! It's June K. Collins: a petpenuer, a lover of all animals and the momma to the best little girl ever!
Remember those animals in history we fell in love with? The stories of their stardom or heroism? Join me as we get inspired, to get up and start our work week with animal stories that changed our lives forever!
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June K. Collins

❦ ❦ ❦ For as long as I can remember, there was at least one pet in the household. I grew up loving all kinds of animals and couldn't imagine my life without a pet in it. They were my secret keepers and the greatest at making things better, when I had a rough day. Today, I have several pets and wouldn't want it any other way, torn up shoes, furniture and all.

As a pet photographer, I have the ability to capture all those loved fur family members. I even get to volunteer and take pictures of those pets that are still looking for their forever home. Is this really a job? My life is full and complete, when I around it out, with my little girl, hubby and many pets by my side.

I am obsessed with animal stories. The stories about their stardom or the heroism they have shown in times of danger. I can literally see an animal story and automatically click to read → I'm that girl. So why not share my passion?

Today, we are living in INSANE times! With so much uncertainty, I wanted a place where anyone could escape the everyday CHAOS. I choice Monday mornings, because lets face it, no one wants to get up on a Monday after the weekend.

So, welcome to Wags & Whiskers. An uncut look at those animals that have our hearts full of hope & love. Enjoy yourself & your moment away from your life's journey ❦ ❦ ❦